Conscious nutrients for cervids

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What do you need for deliberate wildlife management? What are the characteristics of the ideal feed?

Our goal is for our partners to exploit the genetic potential of cervids by providing high-quality feed supplements adapted to the environmental conditions with care.

The results: healthier game population, optimal antler, and body weight gain.


What do we have to know about the nutrition of cervids?


Optimal feed intake for healthy growth and development.


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Why our products are useful?

In order to take good care of our cervids from a nutritional point of view, we have to keep three factors in mind.

WHEN? to feed, and HOW MUCH? WHAT WOULD? the composition and the content of the feed be like?

These are complex questions for farmers, due to the unpredictable environmental conditions.

Cervids like red deer and fallow deer are adaptive types when it comes to nutrition. They are grazing, eating broad-leaved plants and herbs, but also eating buds and cust from trees and bushes. They can adapt to different environmental conditions. Cervids graze 4-6 times daily without regard to the time of day. Wild ruminants are not directly obtaining nutrients from the feed they consume, but the nutrients the microorganisms produce in the rumen. If the conditions are not suitable for the microorganisms, we cannot satisfy the needs of the animal even with the most excellent feeds.

This complicated system needs to be supported for exploiting the genetic potential of the cervid. Cervi Granulated Feed products are assisting for:


  • Supporting body weight –and antler development due to their optimal protein content.
  • Adapting to the needs of the animal with their energy content, during growth, antler building, or in the reproduction period.
  • Providing a balanced mineral supply for bone mineralization and growth.
  • Helping the resilience of the body by adequate vitamin content, promote proper bone formation, antioxidant effects.
  • Following the needs of cervids according to our recommendations.

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